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02/12/2011 14:45
The Fairer Scotland Fund launched by the Scottish Government in 2008 differs from previous regeneration funding as it seeks to identify root causes of poverty rather than just tackling its symptoms. The fund was awarded to all Community Planning Partners over a three year period till 2011 to be used as a catalyst to lever in mainstream resources and influence future resource allocation.

In Moray a number of priorities were agreed including the need to establish more accurate ways of identifying and tackling rural poverty. (this work is currently ongoing).

The three main key priority areas for the investment of the fund in Moray are: 

  • Regenerating the most disadvantaged areas
  • Improving the life chances of individuals and groups experiencing poverty and disadvantage
  • Improving employability

All partners, community groups and external organisations were invited to submit ideas in line with the above priorities for investment in the fund over the period April 2009 October 2009. This resulted in eight projects being awarded funding, the commissioning of an employability service, the development of two year supported apprenticeship scheme and production of a financial inclusion strategy for Moray. 

Funded Programmes

All the funded programmes and the priority areas they principally meet are noted below. 

All projects will be monitored through established systems. Each will report on agreed outcomes and where relevant on progression and achievement of Performance Indicators on a quarterly basis. Evaluation of all projects will be undertaken at an appropriate time. 

For more information on this activity follow the link on the project name. 
the fund is now fully allocated through to March 2011.

Quarterly updates on the progression of the project activity in meeting the outcomes and the fund priority will be provided over the next 12 months. 

Funded programmes: 
Regenerating the most disadvantaged communities. 
Milton Drive Community Project
NHS Mobile Information Bus

Improving the Life Chances of Individuals and groups experiencing poverty and disadvantage
Moray Domestic Abuse Forum
Youth Justice
Elgin High School
NHS Speech and Language Therapy (young people)
GIRFEC Co-ordinator
Financial Inclusion Projects

Improving employability
Moray Employability Service
Moray Assisted Recruitment Scheme  


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