Digital Stories

Digital Stories are short, 3-5 minute films featuring narrative voice, illustrated by photography and sometimes film. Music is often included with a story to set the tone and pace.

Digital Stories are used to create an individual's personal narrative and record their perspective of a particular period of time, event or circumstance in their life. For the person creating their Digital Story, this can have a therapeutic value or effect, which can also extend to the story's viewers.

The Digital Story catalogue is varied and covers a range of issues and themes. These stories are examples of how the work of the Moray Community Planning Partnership, or its partners, have affected the lives of residents in Moray.

Please note that these videos will not be visible from within The Moray Council Network. To view the 'Memories of George' video please click here.

'Memories of George' by Dorothy Donald
Dorothy is a local service user from Forres and uses the Moray Council Towerview day centre in Forres and through using our service created a powerful and very poignant digital story about her love for George and how she suffers with loss and heartache whilst having a learning disability. This story went on to win a gold award at Nemcap snap! 2009. Dorothy traveled to London to receive her award.

About the Digital Stories project

Digital Stories was a Community Services/NHS Telecare funded project from 2008-2010. During this time, the project established a library of 70 Digital Stories from people from the Moray and Grampian area. This was the only project of its kind in Scotland at the time which had appointed full-time Digital Stories project officers.

The project was funded until March 2010 and was free for anyone in the public domain or staff who were involved within Community Services/Telecare. 

For more information on digital stories contact Angus McNicholl (

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