About the Moray Forum

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Moray Forum. More information can be obtained from the Local Community Planning Protocols and Guidelines document.

What is the Moray Forum? 
The Moray Forum provides a direct link between the eight Area Forums and the Moray Community Planning Partnership (MCPP.)

What will it do?

  • Represents the views and interests of Area Forums on the MCPP through two nominated appointees.
  • Enables key issues common to all Area Forums to be shared with a view to establishing a Moray-wide perspective on these.
  • Provides the MCPP with collective feedback on the views of the Area Forums.
  • Establishes a direct link between the Area Forums through the appointed Lead Officers.
  • Disseminates information from the MCPP partners directly to the Area Forums.
  • Provides a forum for exchanging ideas, information and good practice amongst the Area Forums.

Who can get involved? 
Each Area Forum will nominate the Chair and one other representative from its membership to sit on the Moray Forum.

How often will it meet?
The Moray Forum will meet at least quarterly to fit in with the cycle of meetings of the MCPP Steering Group.

How will everyone be kept informed about the Moray Forum?
Each forum is responsible for ensuring that agendas are distributed to all members prior to each meeting and draft minutes after each meeting. All meetings and minutes should be emailed to communityplanning@moray.gov.uk to ensure that they are posted on the Community Planning/YourMoray website.

The current membership of the Moray Forum is:
•Linda McDonald, Buckie Area Forum
•Brian McDonald, Forres Area Forum
•John Bremner, Forres Area Forum (Treasurer)
•Fiona Rolt, Milne's Neighbourhood Forum (Secretary)
•Milne's Neighbourhood Forum (Chair)
•Sandy Henderson, Speyside Area Forum