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Eight Area Forums have been set up to cover secondary school catchment areas. Each Area Forum brings together representatives from local community organisations and local residents to tackle issues which have been identified through local consultation. More information about Area Forums is available here.

The eight area forums are:

Please select an Area Forum from the list above for information about membership, meetings, minutes and latest news from that area.

The Moray Forum provides a direct link between the eight Area Forums and the Moray Community Planning Partnership (MCPP.) It represents the views and interests of Area Forums on the MCPP through two nominated appointees, enabling key issues common to all Area Forums to be shared with a view to establishing a Moray-wide perspective on these. For more information on the Moray Forum, click here.


The current membership of the Moray Forum is:

  • Linda McDonald, Buckie Area Forum
  • Brian McDonald, Forres Area Forum
  • John Bremner, Forres Area Forum (Treasurer)
  • Fiona Rolt, Milne's Neighbourhood Forum (Secretary)
  • Anita Milne, Milne's Neighbourhood Forum (Chair)
  • Sandy Henderson, Speyside Area Forum


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