About Area Forums

Here are some frequently asked questions about Area Forums. More Information can be obtained from the Local Community Planning Protocols and Guidelines (PDF document).


What is an Area Forum?

An Area Forum is a constituted group which provides a platform for local people and community organisations to come together to influence the planning and delivery of services in their area and across Moray.


What does an Area Forum do?

  • Finds out the concerns of local people (individuals and community organisations) and listen to their views on the issues that affect them.

  • Brings together local people and community organisations so that they can work in partnership.

  • Identifies local priorities and works with others to produce a Area Action Plan.

  • Encourages and supports existing and newly formed community groups to engage in and take responsibility for particular actions within the Area Action Plan.

  • Lets people know about the Area Forum and the Area Action Plan.

  • Responds to consultations from Community Planning Partners.

  • Works with the other Community Planning Partners to achieve the long term goals as set out in the 10 Year Plan which can be viewed here.


Where are they?

The Area Forum areas are based around the secondary school catchment areas. These areas with forums currently operating are:

  • Buckie

  • Forres

  • Milnes

  • Speyside

Forums are not currently operating in Keith, Elgin North, Elgin South and Laich areas. The names of the Area Forums can only be altered with the approval of MCPP.

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