About Area Forums

Here are some frequently asked questions about Area Forums.  More Information can be obtained from the Local Community Planning Protocols and Guidelines (PDF document).

How are decisions taken at meetings?

Every effort should be made to reach agreement on decisions taken at meetings to avoid the need for voting. Where agreement cannot be reached, issues will be decided by a vote being taken. Each organisation and individual member will be entitled to one vote.

Agenda items and associated papers will be prepared in advance, agreed by the Chair, and circulated by the Secretary at least two weeks before meetings, or one week, where Forums are meeting monthly. All agenda items must be received by the Chair at least one week before the agenda is sent out.

What is the status of Area Forums?

Area Forums are recognised by the MCPP as a key means of engaging local people in the Community Planning process. A model constitution has been produced for all Area Forums in order to establish consistency. There is scope for local flexibility, whereby each Area Forum can add particular clauses to its constitution to reflect local circumstances or concerns.

How are local priorities and needs be addressed?

Each Area Forum is encouraged to develop close relationships with staff and volunteers from partner agencies, particularly when creating an Area Action Plan. The Plan sets out the actions agreed by Area Forum members.

The process of identifying needs may involve consulting with groups and residents within the local community, as well as information provided by the MCPP via the 10 Year Plan to ensure that a full picture of needs is created.

The Area Action Plan should be put together following dialogue with local community representatives and should link directly to the 10 Year Plan. Once finalised, the Area Action Plan should be circulated to local community groups and organisations and posted on the individual Area Forum page on www.yourmoray.org.uk

Local groups should be identified, encouraged and supported by the Forum to take lead responsibility to progress actions within the Area Action Plan geographic area. Where no relevant groups exist, setting up and supporting new action groups should be considered. Targets and timescales should also be identified to ensure that the progress of the Plan can be monitored and reviewed. The progress on Plans should be reviewed regularly by the Area Forums and appropriate changes and additions made. Each Plan is therefore an evolving document, subject to changing local needs and priorities.

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