Equalities Forum Role

The purpose of the Moray Equalities Forum is to act as an advisory and consultative body to the Community Planning Partnership on issues relating to age, disability, gender, race, religion/belief, sexuality in Moray.

Its role is to:

  • coordinate, organise and communicate: to facilitate the inclusion of the views and voices of equalities groups, community organisations and individuals across Moray.
  • provide advice and feedback on the impact of all  Community Planning Partners' policies and functions
  • get involved in the writing and development of policy across the range of Community Planning responsibilities
  • make any recommendations to review or amend policies and functions as necessary
  • assist in the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of policies
  • raise awareness within the Community Planning Partnership of the potential barriers placed on disadvantaged groups
  • disseminate information between the Partnership and equalities groups and community and to the partnership
  • bring equalities groups and service providers together to inform planning and service delivery
  • develop innovative, best practice for engaging and involving equalities groups
  • create various opportunities for involvement (with regard to influencing planning and service delivery.)